Lifemode App | Stil de viață, nutriție și sport.
Aplicatia Lifemode te ajută să îți corelezi stilul de viață cu ce mănânci și exercițiile fizice necesare.
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Measure your lifestyle. Download Lifemode App!


Why Lifemode?

The modern person’s life implies lots of rapid changes and our bodies go through a permanent adaptation and readaptation process. We have created the Lifemode app in order to support these changes and track them in real time, while providing recommendations regarding nutrition and exercise.


Who can use it? 

This app was designed for healthy people between 16 and 80 years old, with a lifestyle subject to frequent changes due to both personal and professional factors.


How Does It Work?

Lifemode helps you divide your life in 2 week periods. You can chose between 28 predefined “lifemodes” and combine them so they can best reflect the lifestyle best suited for you at any time.



Sometimes you suffer from exhaustion, stress or lack of energy. In order to control these states better, you need to observe them, to know what determines their appearance and what you can do to stop them. The Lifemode app helps you be aware of such states and helps control them.




Your nutrition has to vary in order to help with your lifestyle. Lifemode helps you discover what additional nutrients your body needs when it is subject to a certain lifestyle and where those valuable nutrients can be supplied from. The app explains chemical elements in a simplified way and the role they play in your body.



Depending on your lifestyle, you must practice different types of physical exercises. From eye relaxation exercises to some which give you energy, Lifemode suggests what activities you must do in order to have a certain morale. Try Lifemode out, tell our friends and tell us what you think!




We are a team of young entrepreneurs, programers and designers from Vienna (AT) and Timisoara (RO) whose lifestyle changes very often. We travelled and worked a lot, at different hours of the day or night, we ate quickly and whatever we could find, and exercise was a discussion topic and nothing more. We started searching for what, why and how to combine everything we have to do in order to maintain our health, but in a manner that allows quick lifestyle changes. Thus, we have created Lifemode, to give a helping hand to those like us.



Project Manager

„We want the application to be the start of culture of awareness in Romania. Experts can contribute with their knowledge, and users can have access to the latest information. Moreover, it is a captivating approach in which you don’t feel like you are working on your body, but like you are part of a game. And in the end you win a better lifestyle.”



Product & PR management

„We constantly read worrying statistics in the media regarding Romanian’s health. The World Health Association considers that in countries like ours, the majority of these issues are closely linked to our lifestyle. This thing has captured our attention. We have decided to change things for the better and contribute to improving the situation. With your help, we will surely succeed. ”


Who recommends us!

We were selected in the top 150 start-ups globally in 2014.

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MirTut’sGut is an online information platform about nutrition and lifestyles, maintained by a group of vegetarian and vegan, yoga practising young scientists and bloggers from Austria.


Our partners!

The team of helps us with promoting the app and PR! We thank them for their support.


The three B!TONIC teams in Austria, Romania and Moldova, work together for the same end goals: a better understanding of lifestyle related changes in our bodies.


Ideas, suggestions, feedback, tips:

VoIP: 0040 0371 783 619



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